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Shooting school teaching basketball players with video review

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) – A Saco basketball coach and instructor with 25 years of experience travels to Waterville to teach young players the intricacies of scoring with Shooting School.

Waterville Practices located at Gilman St. Basketball Club(WABI)

Lenny Holmes’ School of Shooting brings students to the screen.

“I realized that one of the things kids really have to do with shooting is see what they’re doing. Everyone thinks he shoots the ball correctly, but we know not everyone does. No one purposely shoots the ball incorrectly, so if they don’t see it, it’s so hard for them to make those corrections. Technology has made it a lot easier,” said instructor Holmes.

The Hall-Dale siblings, Gage and Reagan Mattson, saw their shooting improve.

“It really shows you what you’re doing. When you’re filming you can move it around and do things, but when you’re on video you can see exactly what really happened,” said 6th grader Gage.

“Your shooting is so fast. It’s so easy to make small mistakes that will affect your shot. When you have the video, you can fix those little mistakes,” said 5th grader Reagan.

For Gage, a particular lesson stands out.

“My shooting hand started going in, up, then out. Now it’s one move in the shot instead of two moves. I think that’s probably the most important thing,” Gage said.

Learning at Gilman St. Basketball Club gives these players confidence.

“When I step onto the pitch, I want to be able to do what I want to do because I see frustrated people. They are not able to do what they want to do. When I go out, I feel free. I feel that I can do whatever I want,” Gage said.

They become better players frame by frame.

Holmes explained that he likes to offer individualized training with clinics of around 10 players, and you can find out more about his programs at

When he’s not helping the next generation of players, Holmes follows his children’s careers.

His daughter, Mackenzie, is a senior at Indiana, and his son, Cameron, is a graduate assistant at Illinois State.

Holmes continues to host Maine AAU events following his playing career at Almost Isle and UMaine-Machias and his coaching days at Windham.

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