Basketball courts

River Lions to ‘freshen up the mesh’ at Thorold basketball courts

McAdam Park, Winterberry Park and Port Robinson Park will all receive new Spalding meshes as part of the improved hoops initiative

The Niagara River Lions today announced a “Mesh Refresh” initiative in partnership with four Niagara Region municipalities, where River Lions team members and representatives from Thorold, St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls will be visiting outdoor basketball courts to install and/or replace mesh basketball nets on June 23-24.

“We are proud to launch this project in collaboration with participating municipalities,” said Brianna Paszt, Community Relations Coordinator for the River Lions. “With the beautiful summer weather on the way, we expect the outside courts to be busy with people of all ages, and we hope this small improvement will make a big difference when you play on the courts.”

With basketball participation rates on the rise in Canada, more kids and residents will be visiting their local parks to shoot hoops and stay active. Most of the selected parks currently do not have rim mesh, so adding one will improve the overall play experience, while also making it easier for athletes to shoot.

Each municipality’s parks and recreation department helped identify which parks would receive the new Spalding meshes. The list includes:


McAdam Park – Corner Morton and Ontario Street, Thorold

Winterberry Park – 324 Winterberry Boulevard, Thorold

Port Robinson Park – 1 River Street, Thorold

“It is important that we maintain safe and up-to-date recreational amenities throughout our community at our local parks. We are grateful to the Niagara River Lions for donating new Spalding Meshes which will be installed at McAdam Park, Winterberry Park and Port Robinson Park, effectively enhancing the experience for people in our community of Thorold who enjoy shooting on our basketball courts. – Mayor Terry Ugulini, Town of Thorold

Niagara Falls:

Preakness Park – 7857 Preakness St., Niagara Falls

Mulhern Park – 4585 Baldwin Avenue Niagara Falls

Robert Keighan Park – 8030 Beaverton Blvd., Niagara Falls

“What a great way to make summer brighter for kids outdoors in our communities! Thank you, Niagara River Lions, for bringing the net and for this small upgrade that will go a long way to improving our community basketball courts! Basketball players will appreciate the new mesh and I’m not going to promise that it will help them improve their game, but you can bet they will bring it to the courts. – Mayor Jim Diodati, City of Niagara Falls

Good and:

Sherwood Forest Park115 Rolling Acres Drive

Gaiser Park – 424 Gaiser Road

“Community parks are essential for everyday recreation; being part of the “Mesh Refresh” highlights community spirit and a reminder to be and stay active. – Amanda Degazio, Business and Community Services Manager

St. Catharines:

Barley Drive Park – 10 Barley Drive, St. Catharines, ON L2P 2M6

Glengarry Park – 63 Glengarry Road, St. Catharines, ON L2T 2V4

Partridge Park – 22 Rockcliffe Road, St. Catharines, ON L2R

“The City of St. Catharines welcomes partnerships that enhance our recreational facilities for the benefit of our community. In particular, the support of the Niagara River Lions can inspire our young people to not only get active, but also to hone their skills on the court – it really is a slam dunk. – Eric Lamothe, City of St. Catharines