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Ohio teenager brutally beaten to death after spraying basketball players with SplatRBall gun – Crime Online

On June 2, Ethan Liming, 17, was found dead in the parking lot of I Promise School in Akron.

The US Marshals Service on Saturday announcement that authorities had arrested three men in connection with the murder: Donovon Jones, 21, Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, and Tyler Stafford, 19.

Investigators believe Liming was fatally beaten around 10:46 p.m. on June 2. Police found his body on the sidewalk of a parking lot near the school, where he was pronounced dead.

Prior to the incident, Liming reportedly drove around town with his friends shooting a SplatRball gun among passers-by. The guns fire tiny beads of water-based gel.

“I am pleased to report that today officers from the Akron Police Department made several arrests in connection with the death of Ethan Liming. We thank members of the community for their outpouring of support which assisted investigators throughout this investigation,” Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said in a press release, according to WKYC-TV.

“While I believe the news of the arrests will be welcomed by Ethan’s family and loved ones, we all recognize that nothing will bring Ethan back. The violence in this country must end. We are losing too many lives through acts senseless violence.

Dan Horrigan, Mayor of Akron, said in a statement that “Liming’s senseless and tragic death touched every person in our community.” according to WOIO-TV.

He added, “My thoughts and prayers remain with the entire Liming family at this time.”

After driving, Liming and his friends drove to a basketball court, where they allegedly fired a water gun at people using the courts, which police say could have provoked the suspects who beat Liming.

Authorities had offered a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for Liming’s death.

Liming’s parents described their son as a kind and loving person in a WEWS TV interview.

“We miss our child. We would do anything we could to go back and have him in my arms again. And to see his face again, but they even deprived me of that ability. And they destroyed the face and my child’s head,” Bill Liming told the TV station.

“And people think he deserved — people keep saying, ‘Oh, you do those things and you deserve to get what you deserve. I don’t think anyone’s child would ever deserve what happened to them. Nobody’s child deserves what he did to my child.

In a Tweeter, James expressed his condolences to the family. “Pray for our community,” James wrote.