Basketball courts

Mo Bamba participates in the construction of basketball courts in Côte d’Ivoire

Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba has spent much of his summer encouraging everyone to show off their work.

He started the summer by challenging followers to show their sweat stains on the padding found behind baskets in most gyms as a sign of the work they were doing. It’s part of Bamba’s playful nature that he got some of his teammates – most recently Markelle Fultz – to share and join the cause.

Bamba has had his share of sweat stains posted on social media.

It was a big summer for Bamba as he signed a two-year deal with the Magic, avoiding free agency but only for one year with that second year not guaranteed. He will most likely have a different role this season as Paolo Banchero will likely be part of the starting line-up.

There is still a lot of work to bring this team together. And improving individual players like Bamba will be the big part of this season.

It’s still the offseason and Bamba isn’t just showing off his padding work inside gyms in Orlando and across the country. Bamba also exhibits his work elsewhere.

Mo Bamba has spent his offseason showing off his work at the gym. This week he showed his work in the community by unveiling basketball courts during his first trip to Ivory Coast.

Bamba and his Mo Bamba Foundation announced on Tuesday the opening of a new basketball facility at the SOS Village of Abobo-Gare in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Additionally, Bamba has led COVID vaccine awareness programs in the country as well as educational programs alongside the US State Department.

It’s a way for Bamba to give back to his parents’ homeland when he first arrived in the country and met members of his extended family.

“This is an extremely personal project and I’m proud of how it’s all reflected in the courts,” Bamba said in a press release via his agency Lenox Partners. “Everything, down to the smallest detail, is an important part of my life, from my African roots, to my upbringing in Harlem, to the honor of my family that made it all possible. Mahama helped us identify d ‘incredible local artists and architects who perfectly captured all the intersections of my heritage and I’m so grateful for all of their hard work.

The facility will serve over 200 children a day with FIBA ​​compliant basketball courts and rehabilitated electrical and plumbing throughout the village where it is located. Bamba also collected 100 pairs of Orlando Magic and teammate shoes (including larger shoes that may be harder to obtain) for students to use.

Bamba said he will always be involved as the facility continues to build and grow and continue to work to expand the facility’s programs.

This is quite a significant investment to develop the game and give an opportunity to children in the country where Bamba’s family is from. This is very cool work by Bamba.

It’s been a summer of showing his work. And while we wait to see what Bamba will look like on the pitch at the start of training camp, Bamba has already achieved a lot this offseason.