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Kansas basketball players measure at G League Camp

One year after the Kansas striker Jalen Wilson struggled to gain a foothold in NBA draft circles, Wilson measured much the same at G League Camp. The Combine released its metrics on Tuesday, which means Wilson will have to show his improvement over last year in sports testing.

Listed at 6-foot-8 in Kansas, Wilson was 6-5.75 without shoes and 6-7.25 with shoes, pairing that with a 6-8.25 wingspan, a quarter-inch taller than there is. a year. And after weighing 225.2 pounds last year with 7.3% body fat before undergoing lackluster athletic testing, Wilson has worked hard to lose weight, playing this year at 215 pounds. He was back at 224.6 pounds this week, just 0.6 pounds less than last year, and his body fat was actually slightly higher at 7.65%.

Regardless of the scale shown, Wilson showed up on the court, scoring 18 points and grabbing six rebounds in his first action. And he looked smooth and balanced in this game, perhaps an indicator that he could test this round better.

Wilson left the door open for a potential return to Kansas.

Wilson wasn’t the only Jayhawk to go through the measurement process. Central Kansas David McCormack was a solid 6-9.25 in bare feet and just under 6-11 (6-10.75) with shoes, associating that height with a 7-2 wingspan. He weighed 260.6 pounds with a body fat of 12.80%, the second highest body fat at camp for Louisiana Tech transfer Kenneth Lofton. Lofton remains in the transfer portal if he decides to return to college.

Both players were instrumental in Kansas winning the national championship last season. Wilson averaged 11.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game, produced 13.4 points and 8.0 rebounds per conference game, and averaged 12.0 points and 9.7 rebounds per game in the NCAA Tournament. McCormack averaged 10.6 points and 7.0 rebounds per game, hitting 11.7 and 8.8 in conference play. He increased his scoring average to 13.2 points per game in the NCAA Tournament and made the case for Final Four Most Outstanding Player with 20 points and 9.5 rebounds per game in Final Four and national championship.

McCormack and Wilson are tied for a game-high 15 points in the national title game, with both players hitting big clutch shots, and McCormack scoring the game’s final four points in the final 30 minutes, passing Kansas from a 69-68 deficit to a 72-69 win. He missed a peek with just under 1:30 remaining, but grabbed his own offensive rebound and cornered it to give Kansas the lead. And on the Jayhawks’ next possession, McCormack dropped a hook for the 3-point margin of victory.

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Kansas fans may also be interested in Texas Tech’s transfer metrics Kevin McCullar, who recently won the 247Sports Crystal Ball selections to join the Jayhawks out of the transfer gate. McCullar was 6-5.5 feet tall in bare feet, 6-7 in shoes and boasted a 6-9 wingspan. He weighed 200.4 pounds with a body fat percentage of 5.2%.