Basketball courts

BREC plans to offer pickleball on tennis and basketball courts

BREC Municipal Park (File photo)

Pickleball, a close relative of tennis and badminton, is perhaps the fastest growing sport in America, and it competes with tennis for participants and real estate.

BREC officials say the parks agency is working to meet demand in Baton Rouge at new and existing facilities.

“We realize the tremendous popularity and growth of Pickleball across the country and locally,” Reed Richards, assistant superintendent of system planning for BREC, said via email. “So we are moving forward to meet the needs of the growing number of pickleball players throughout the parish.”

Richards says BREC is in the midst of a system-wide study of its vast inventory of outdoor tennis and basketball courts to determine where it can supply new pickleball courts, as well as other sports ground. You can install four pickleball courts on a standard tennis court, according Sports Master.

BREC has built 12 new dedicated pickleball courts at Greenwood Community Park, says Ryan Vineyard, who manages BREC’s tennis facilities. There are four outdoor courts at the Highland Road Community Park location and 17 pickleball courts at eight different neighborhood park tennis courts scattered around the parish, as well as courts at seven indoor gymnasiums, he said.

New pickleball courts are also planned at the system’s next community park on the Airline Freeway, where construction is expected to begin next year.

You can find out more about BREC’s pickleball offerings here.